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Manufacturing, Assembly and tuning

Our knowledge

With more than 30 years of experience, TMH-tools has created the optimal conditions to bring you the highest quality standards for the manufacture, assembly and tuning of your tools and GSE in compliance with your specifications. We are licensed for Boeing and Collins (UTC Goodrich) equipment.

We have set up an international and efficient Supply Chain based on long-term collaborations with our suppliers.
Our team of trained and qualified technicians can work on all types of tools and GSE. Our workshop is fully equipped and allows us to carry out the assembly and tuning of any mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic or automated component for our customers.
We achieve the important steps for the manufacture of your tools and GSE: 

  • Entry control and checks for the elements to be assembled: quantity, quality, material, treatments.
  • Assembly: simple parts or sets of complex pneumatic, hydraulic or automated mechanical components.
  • Tuning: we carry out adjustment and finishing operations in order to adapt the elements for a perfect fit.
  • Final inspection and qualification: Functional tests and qualification tests to guarantee performance and conformity.

Our means

In our new premises since 2018 we have optimised our workshops to allow a great flexibility of configuration to meet all our customers’ needs:

  • 1700 m2 workshop
  • 5 multipurpose assembly stations
  • 90 ton test gantries with transverse force
  • 200 tonne test gantries with transverse force
  • Master engines (CFM, ….)
  • 2 paint booths
  • Sandblasting station
  • Bridges (3, 5 Tons)
  • Large storage area

Our expertise and know-how

With international presence and more than 30 years’ experience in tooling, GSE, design and manufacturing we provide to our customers (MRO, Airlines, military forces, cargo freighters, airports, ramp handling companies…) strong experience in:

  • Engine environment products, engine stands, engine cradles and dollies
  • Bootstrap systems, IDG dollies.
  • Landing gear and brakes change units and parts.
  • Handling and lifting operations equipments,
  • Tripods jacks, axles jacks,
  • Tow bars,
  • Service carts, safety stay, hold open.
  • Ozone systems for aircrafts water circuit disinfection and cleaning.
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