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Design and 3D studies

Our Knowledge

TMH-tools design and manufacture tooling and GSE solutions for you. Starting with concept definition to detailed plans, through justifications and calculation notes, our engineers mobilize for each step of the project, more than 30 years of experience in design dans conception of tools and GSE (ground support equipment).

For your projects, our design team remains attentive to your needs to define tools and GSE (ground support equipment) that meet your expectations and the operational needs of your workers. Mindful and concerned our engineer will guarantee a costs control during the development and production.

Our Design Office has developed a close partnership with major aircraft manufacturers, in particular AIRBUS, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS and ATR, which allows us to meet your specifications and needs.

At the forefront of research and development, we are present on all major programs (A380, A400M, A350, B787), we design a wide range of solutions and equipment for the ground maintenance of your aircraft.

In addition we are licensed for Boeing and Collins (UTC Goodrich) equipment, distributors for Safran Landing Systems. We also have equipment and GSE (Ground Support Equipment) for many other aircraft and engines.

Our offer

Thanks to its experience, our design team carries out the complete development of your product in accordance with the best practices and in compliance with the international standards.
Our expertise and aeronautical certifications warranty a development and an industrialization in the respect of yours specifications.
We make it for you:

  • Needs analysis, functional and standards constraints
  • Study of the existing system, Ergonomic study, Interfaces Study
  • Technical solutions, creativity
  • Design / 3D Modeling
  • Prototype
  • Testing & improvement phase
  • Industrial study: plans, materials, recommendations
  • Industrialization

Our expertise and know-how

With international presence and more than 30 years’ experience in tooling, GSE, design and manufacturing we provide to our customers (MRO, Airlines, military forces, cargo freighters, airports, ramp handling companies…) strong experience in:

  • Engine environment products, engine stands, engine cradles and dollies
  • Bootstrap systems, IDG dollies.
  • Landing gear and brakes change units and parts.
  • Handling and lifting operations equipments,
  • Tripods jacks, axles jacks,
  • Tow bars,
  • Service carts, safety stay, hold open.
  • Ozone systems for aircrafts water circuit disinfection and cleaning.
Tripod jack TMH TJ16

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