Manufacture and precision machining for aeronautics and expert in mechanical integration and assemblies


TMH-cemep is specialized in precision machining (computer numerical control (CNC) machining services) and in mechanical integration for aerospace and defense industries. With a large workshop equipped with plenty machining machines (milling, turning, electro-erosion, etc.), and recognized for our know-how in the aeronautical industry, we manufacture complex mechanical parts and assemblies.

Expert in the field of mechanical production, TMH-cemep is specialized in the manufacture and setting-up of mechanical assemblies for the aircraft industry.

Mastering precision machining as well as mechanical integration, TMH-cemep offers global and tailor-made solution for the manufacture of parts upon drawings as well as for the design of assemblies and sub-assemblies.

From prototype to small and medium series production, from complex parts to complete equipment, TMH-cemep works on all forms and materials

Our workshop permits us to work many different materials :

  • Structural and steel alloy,
  • Light alloys (aluminum, …)
  • Inconel
  • Refractory and stainless steel
  • Cuprous metal
  • Carbon
  • Plastic (PE, PVC, Nylon, foam…)


Our company is recognized in the production of mechanical parts and tools for the aeronautics sector, we have an in-house design office for the design, and all the means necessary for manufacturing (milling, turning, assembly of components, assembly, CE certified test tools, subcontracting if necessary …) of your most complex products. Concerned about the well-being of your employees, our design office offers you ergonomic solutions.

We also have a maintenance service to keep your tools in good condition. This maintenance team was created to ensure the quality and responsiveness of services to our customers. We can intervene directly on site and provide preventive and corrective maintenance and any upgrades.

Our activities

Our workshop

Numerical Control machining :

  • 4 5-axis CNC machining centres
  • 1 3-axis CNC machining centres
  • 1 palletised horizontal machining centres
  • 4 digital lathes

Conventional machining :

  •  3 conventional lathes
  • 1 conventional milling machines
  • Grinding machines
  • EDM
  • Heat treatments

They trust us

Nos clients et partenaires sont présents en France et dans plus de 80 pays :
compagnies aériennes, centres de maintenance, ateliers de réparation,
avionneurs, équipementiers, armées.

Manufacturing a complex part

This demanding 590 mm cylindrical part requires 144 Ø6 holes with tight tolerances for diameters, circular positioning, distances and concentricity.

We produce your small and medium series.

Precision machining

Thanks to a large number of machining centres (milling, turning, electro-erosion, cnc, etc.), we have a large production capacity.


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