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Who are we ?

The idea to set up TECHMAN-HEAD Group arose from the will to offer the aircraft maintenance industry market (defence, military, civil and commercial airlines) an international and global service for their maintenance and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) activities, by bringing up five leading-edge companies with synergetic skills and high quality standards.

The TECHMAN-HEAD Group companies are manufacturers that propose a large range of products, systems and components for all the Ground Support Equipment (GSE) activities: from ball-lock pins to hydraulic test stands, through tripod-jacks, engine stands and all aircraft ground maintenance tooling and parts.

Our group is established in France in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine area (Poitiers, Châtellerault) and the PACA area (Toulon) for production and machining units, with sales offices in Toulouse, Bordeaux and Paris.

Our Values

Commitment is a core value at TECHMAN-HEAD:

  • Commitment to customer satisfaction,
  • Commitment to enabling each of our employees to flourish in their work,
  • Commitment to reducing our carbon footprint by developing sustainable and quality products,
  • Commitment to our economic environment and our professional sector are the foundation of our values.

They trust us

Our customers and partners are present in France and in more than 80 countries:
airlines, maintenance centers, repair shops, aircraft manufacturers,
equipment manufacturers, armies.

Customers talk about Techman-Head


MRO Contract Manage


Thank you to the teams of TMH-novatec for the quality of our exchanges always rich and informative.
The many years of close cooperation have enabled us to build a relationship based on trust and industrial performance to meet the key challenges between Safran Aircraft Engines and TMH-novatec.

Sebastien MONIN

Executive Management


I wanted to thank you very much for the efforts you made to advance our delivery.
We received the 14 parts as promised and were able to deliver them upon receipt.
As a result, not only were we able to help our customer, but we also ensured the invoicing of these parts.
We had a lot of outstanding at that time and this delivery did us good.

 Thanks again to all your teams.


Industrial Director


We would like to thank TMH-tools for their efficiency in solving a problem that was jeopardizing the operability of one of our machines : our buoyancy cylinder verification tooling was no longer functional and the delay in supplying a new one was beyond the deadline.
In 3 weeks TMH-tools teams defined and delivered a replacement tooling allowing us to remain operational

Thank you for this reactivity in the response to our need.

aircraft picto


planet picto

PrEsent in more than 100 countries

customers picto


Our quality policy

The competition of the MRO (Maintenance, Repair and overhaull) and aeronautical business, the requirements of our customers and the regulatory, legal and socio-economic constraints, lead the company to conduct a global strategy of progress, in order to ensure its sustainability and its development.

Quality control is the tool we have chosen to achieve this. All the companies in the group are involved in a strong quality approach, which has enabled them to obtain the certifications and approvals essential to the continuation of our policy of continuous progress.

Because qualified people will contribute to help company’s performance, we ensure that the skills and developments required by our people are maintained to meet the requirements of the aeronautics standards.

Certifications and networks


Stéphane Hequet, Compagny Secretatry

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