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laser cuting


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Laser welding


The laser (Light Amplification by Stimulation Emission of Radiation) process is based on the excitation of a source (gas, solids) that generates a beam with a given wavelength. For cutting, drilling, or welding, the beam must be absorbed by the material.

This process provides many advantages : High cutting and welding speed, low heating of material, low mechanical shrinkage (welding), high precision.

TMH-novatec has an extensive range of expertise on:

  • Laser cutting
  • Laser trepanning drilling by trepanning : trepanning drilling is carried out by moving the laser beam on an orbit, in order to drill a hole
  • Laser welding

Our equipment

We are equipped with a 50 DMG Powerdrill 5 axes YAG laser machine with 300 W power.

Thanks to this machine, we can cut, weld and laser cut different metal materials (Steel, Stainless Steel, Inconel, etc.).

In order to perform these operations, our machine is equipped with a laser assist gas system. There are two available gasses:

  • Oxygen: due to its exothermic reaction, oxygen makes cutting and drilling of materials easier. L’oxygène est approvisionné conformément à la norme ISO 14175.
  • Argon: used for laser welding. Argon provides the protection of the part in order to avoid oxidation of both sides of the weld bead. L’argon est approvisionné conformément à la norme ISO 14175.

The maximum part dimension is 500 mm X 500 mm X 700 mm. The maximum acceptable weight on worktable is 14 kilos.

The TMH-novatec laser process offer is completed by other processes:

  • Nondestructive inspection of the laser welding
  • X-Ray inspection
  • Visual inspection
  • Dimensional measurement with a coordinate-mesuring machine
  • Inspection of part roughness
  • Vibratory finishing
  • Desoxidation after cutting, drilling and laser welding

Our qualifications


Our laser installation has the following qualifications for drilling / cutting and laser welding :

  • Laser welding qualification according to : CCT_00632, CCT_00595, Pr-4050 et Pr-4000, for Safran Helicopter Engines
  • Visual inspection according to : CCT_00739, for Safran Helicopter Engines
  • Laser cutting and drilling according to : CCT_00808, for Safran Helicopter Engines

In addition to civil and military aeronautics, our YAG laser machine is compatible with part manufacturing and assembly for the space, automotive and micromechanics industries or for any general industrial purposes.

operator programming a laser machine

A question regarding our laser welding capability ?

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X-Ray inspection

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