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Inclinometer two axes

Operating temperature-4°F to +176°F
Dimensionss l × w × h16 × 12 × 4 in
Weight5.5 lb
Power inputlr6 aa 1,5v alkaline batteries

Description and features

Typical aircraft application:

Measure: any type aircraft

Associated wireless weighing load cells kit: TMH AE20-00-00, TMH AE30-00-00, TMH AE40-00-00, TMH AE50-00-00, TMH AE70-00-00, TMH AE80-00-00

Main features:

  • Complement of load cells for a perfect and fast leveling of the aircraft during maintenance operations
  • 2 wifi pro transmitters (one for each axis) together in a box poweredby 2 aa lr6 1.5v batteries
  • 1 lock pin system
  • 2 possible use positions of the inclinometer
  • The pc software of the load cells kit allows
    the ‘‘on/off’’ switch,
    simultaneously the reading of the angular and the load values, a visual and sound alarm goes on when reaching the tilt threshold,
    the reading of the battery level

2 axis inclinometer|x & y

Download the PDF document:

TDS TMH AE03.pdf (1260.29Kb)

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