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Ozone generator disinfection unit for portable water circuit

Fluid typeozoned water
Operating temperature+41°F to +104°F
Dimensionss l × w × h69 × 25.5 × 55 in
Weight397 lb

Description and features

Typical aircraft application:

B737 all series (CL/NG/MAX), B747, B757, B767, B777, B787, B717, MD-80
A320 families CEO & NEO, A330, A340, A350, A380,
ERJ140/145, E170/190

Associated hose trolley for ozoned water treatment: TMH RD62-00-00

Could be replaced by TMH RD64-10

Main features:

  • Ozoned water generator trolley designed for high efficiency industrial applications with ozone
  • Compact and transportable
  • Stainless steel cabinet and cart with forklift tunnels
  • Safety sensor to stop the production when of the ozone detection in ambiantair with alarm (flashing)
  • Is able to kill the water contaminants as e-coli, legionella, rota
    virus, polio, staphylococcus, …
  • Disinfect all type and sizes of any aircraft at 2,5 ppm dissolved in water
  • Approved method of disinfection (aircraft manufacturers, main food & healthadministration in europe & north america)
  • Can be used to TMH RD62 ozoned water generator trolley
  • AIRBUS qualification

Download the PDF document:

TDS TMH RD64.pdf (964.65Kb)

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Ozoned water hose reel trolley

  • Ozoned water trolley hole reel is used for an ozonated water treatment bench
  • Hose reel with its hose with inlet and outlet aero unions
  • Waterproof case

TMH 5000

3000/5000 psi mobil hydraulic test stand

  • Test stand is designed for the ground tests and checks of various aircraft components (landing gear, flaps, flight controls…), as well as for detection test
  • A stainless steel chassis equipped with drip tray
  • A braking system actuated by tow-bar (high and low position)


Hose trolley for ozoned water treatment

  • Hose trolley designed for to be used in addition to the TMH RD64 trolley
  • Stainless steel frame with tunnels for lift trucks
  • Directional train with braked drawbar in high position
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