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The TECHMAN-HEAD Group companies propose a complete range of products for all the GSE activities: from ball-lock pins to hydraulic test stands, through tripod-jacks, engine stands and all aircraft ground maintenance tooling.


Mobile test stands 


TMH-ams mobile test stands perform tests and checking operations on hydraulic components and systems of commercial aircraft (Airbus, Boeing, ATR, Bombardier, Embraer…), military aircraft (Dassault, Gripen, Sukhoi, F16, F18…) as well as for commercial and military helicopters such as NH90 and Tiger...

Fixed test stands


Our fixed test stands are designed to perform static or dynamic tests on all types of hydraulic components (mineral oil, Skydrol, fuel) such as pumps, engines, jacks, valves, servo-actuators, actuators, filters, cocks...

Hydraulic accessories


Our product line include hydraulic components and accessories such as hand-pumps, filling units, self-sealing couplings...

AGSE engine stands

logo agse

TMH-ams is the exclusive distributor and maintenance centre for AGSE engine stands.

Ball lock pins

broche à billes

TMH-ams offers all types of ball lock pins for different sectors of industry: aerospace, military...

More info : www.tmh-ams.com/Products




They are designed and manufactured to ensure towing of all types of aircraft.

Axle jacks

axle jacks

For all types and all sizes of aircraft, including Airbus, Boeing, Fokker, ATR as well as many other commercial and military aircraft and helicopters such as NH90, Tigre, A400M or Mirage...

Tripods jacks


With a capacity range of 2 to 120 tons, TMH-tools tripod jacks have the following features:

  • Manual, air-driven or electrical operation
  • Fully automated with automatic safety locknut
  • Driving and steering option

Our range of tripod jacks covers all models of today’s commercial and military aircraft.

Service & handling

bootstrap a380

A complete range of cradles and trolleys for transport and handling of all types of engines; different bootstrap systems are also available, bespoke designed for use with any cradles and trolleys.

More info : www.tmh-tools.com/Products